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Simplifying probate

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The first step to understanding probate and estate planning involves two “truths” – 1. In Texas, probate is not a four-letter word and 2. You do not have to be wealthy to have an “estate.”

Probate is the first step in the process of dealing with the property and obligations of a loved one after they have passed away. The Texas probate process is efficient and comparatively inexpensive Compared with the process in some states, especially with a knowledgeable probate attorney there to guide you. To get started, first contact a probate lawyer to discuss the Texas probate process and alternatives to Probate under Texas Law.

Intestate Estates – An “Intestate estate” is simply where someone dies without a valid will. When this happens, handling assets and bills and determining who inherits property can be costly and difficult. There are several options families may consider when faced with this situation. The help of an experienced attorney is invaluable. Contact us for a free consultation and let us help you through this difficult time.

Will Probate – Probating a will is not difficult in Texas. However, making sure that everything is done and is done correctly is important to ensure that the process is completed without undue delay or expense.

Guardianships – if you have a loved one that is unable to care for himself due to physical and/or mental disabilities, you may need to consider a guardianship. However, Texas does recognize several options that can help avoid a guardianship. Navigating the guardianship process does not have to be difficult. A guardianship attorney can help you determine whether a guardianship is truly necessary, whether you are eligible to become a guardian, prepare the necessary documentation, and apply for the guardianship with the probate court.

Avoiding Probate – Commonly, people are bombarded with the idea that they need to avoid probate at all costs. Frankly, this is just not true. There are, however, ways to reduce the chances that probate becomes necessary.

In many states, but not necessarily in Texas, the probate process can be costly and time-consuming. This fact has led to the common misconception that probate is a four-letter word.

Even though probate in Texas is easy and uncomplicated, there are a couple of ways to potentially avoid probate. For example, Revocable Living Trust, Payable on death or rights of survivorship accounts, and Lady Bird deeds can help reduce the odds that formal probate is necessary. However – you must understand that there is never any guarantee that probate is avoidable. Anyone saying there is a sure-fire way to avoid probate is simply mistaken.

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