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Simplifying outside counsel

Not Complicating It

Every business needs legal counsel. Not all businesses should, or can, hire a full-time in-house counsel.

As a startup or entrepreneur, you will constantly be looking for legal guidance through all aspects of your business. For most, however, a full-time in-house counsel is cost prohibitive. That’s where New & Hall fits in. The most cost-effective way to manage the legal needs of your business is to have capable legal counsel you trust at your disposal. A strategic business partner providing proactive advice and oversight to help you achieve your goals.

Using our legal and business experience, New & Hall’s attorneys will guide you and your company through the numerous legal issues facing Texas businesses today – formation, contracts, vendors, licensing, regulation and compliance, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, trademark, intellectual property, management decisions, joint ventures, strategic alliances, competition, and financing. New & Hall can provide counsel to your board of directors, managers, executive officers, and other senior management. As outside General Counsel, we serve as a trusted set of ears for your most delicate issues. We are a sounding board and strategic guide for the owners and executives in charge of your business. Should your needs go beyond our areas of expertise, we can coordinate with trusted outside firms, and bring them up to speed on the matters at hand.

With flat-rate, graduated, and hourly fee options, New & Hall PLLC assures your business will get expert, actionable solutions to legal problems, all for less than the cost of a typical office secretary.

Bespoke Legal services

Legal Services Tailored to Your Needs

Customized, cost-effective solutions for your legal needs including estate planning, probate, real property, business formation, business transactions, general counsel services, entertainment law, and litigation.

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