You know you should have a will, but you keep stalling

This link is to a good short article about getting your will done. This tends to be something too easily put off for later. Then “later” comes to bite. This article gives some good thinking points such as who you are really preparing your will for, what happens if you don’t have a will, etc. As I’ve said before, if you don’t have an estate plan, your state government has one for you.

What could go wrong?

You estate plan does not just include a will. It should include a Durable Power of Attorney, a Medical Power of Attorney, and other documents for use during and after your lifetime.

As a probate and estate planning lawyer, I can explain these documents to you and help you determine the best plan for unexpected life events.

Your family will greatly benefit and appreciate the fact that you cared enough to make sure your wishes are put into writing. Your will is not for your own benefit; it is for the benefit of the loved ones you leave behind.