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The events surrounding aging and the capacity of an adult and the death of a loved one can often be emotional and difficult to handle. Unfortunately, these otherwise tough times can be complicated by disagreements within the family. These disagreements frequently result in probate or guardianship litigation cases. When this happens, you need experienced representation to protect your rights.

Will Contests – In the vast majority of cases, a Decedent’s Will is filed for probate and is administered without any conflict. However, in some cases, a dispute may arise over the person applying to be the executor, or the dispute may arise over the validity of the terms of the Will.

Guardianship Litigation – Any time a guardianship action is initiated, some level of controversy is likely to exist related to whether the incapacitated person is sufficiently unable to care for themselves that they need a guardian. Additionally, family members of the incapacitated person may disagree on who may be the most appropriate person to serve as guardian.

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