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Entertainment Law in Dallas, Texas?
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New & Hall PLLC understand the unique needs of the creative community. We represent musicians, artists, actors, performers, dancers, magicians, social media influencers, production companies, video companies, producers, directors, publicists, publishers, and authors. At every step of the process, having New & Hall PLLC on your side to protect your creation and your interests can make all the difference.

Our services include transactional and litigation representation for individuals, groups, and companies alike, including:
• Publishing agreements
• Licensing agreements
• Asset/creation protection structures
• Management agreements
• Recording contracts
• Releases
• Copyright registration
• Distribution agreements
• Endorsement deals
• Security agreements
• Synchronization contracts
• Royalty agreements
• Production agreements

No matter what aspect of entertainment you fall into, New & Hall PLLC is prepared to assist you with your legal needs throughout the industry.

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Customized, cost-effective solutions for your legal needs including estate planning, probate, real property, business formation, business transactions, general counsel services, entertainment law, and litigation.

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